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Grub in lawn

There are all sorts of insect pests that can feed on your lawn. Left untreated, pests such as grubs, billbugs, chinch bugs, webworms and greenbug aphids can do serious damage to your turf.

Torn-up pieces of sod on your lawn may indicate that raccoons or skunks have been digging through your yard to dine on the insects within. Holes pecked in thatch by hungry birds are telltale signs of insect invasion as well.

Eventually, all serious insect damage will present itself through brown and damaged-looking areas in your lawn. To avoid an infestation of lawn insects, prevention is always the best medicine. Here are a few tips for safeguarding your lawn against hungry bugs:

  • Keep your lawn well-irrigated.
  • Stick to a regular fertilization schedule.
  • Consider adding grub control to your current insect treatment program if it isn’t already included.
  • Ensure maximum insect control by carefully following instructions after each treatment.
  • Inspect your lawn regularly, and call Arbor Care immediately if you come across patches of damaged, torn-up or browning turf.