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Premium Lawn Care from Arbor Care

With Arbor Care’s Premium Lawn Program, you can rest assured that we’ll be providing the foundation necessary for healthy turf year-round. Automatic treatments at the right times will deliver a beautiful lawn that is less susceptible to damage from insect pests, disease and hot summer weather.

Arbor Care’s Premium Lawn Program

Early SpringA jump-start for grass with the ideal early-season fertilizer and crabgrass control.
SpringGreenest grass with the ideal fertilizer, dandelion and crabgrass control.
Early SummerEarly-heat nutrients build up your yard for summer with a non-burning, slow-release fertilizer, early weed control and optional grub control.
Mid-SummerSlow-release fertilizer keeps grass green though the dog days of summer, and late-blooming broadleaf weeds are spot treated.
Early FallNo matter what you do, summer takes a lot out of your grass. Another application of slow-release fertilizer is applied for new growth and fall rejuvenation. Fall-developing broadleaf weeds are also sprayed.
The WinterizerLawn dormancy is like hibernation. Our special granular fertilizer helps your lawn store food for the winter season and encourages better regrowth during the spring season.

Remember…Arbor Care knows the secret to an absolutely beautiful lawn! Why mess with it when we can do it for you?